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You Will Be Amazed At Miley Cyrus’ Evolution In These Pictures

The well-known pop singer began her career as a sweet, naive child who sang and danced pretty well. Once she finished working for Disney, she abandoned the naive child character to become a disrty adult. Check these pics an see how much she changed. You will be amazed.


This photo makes us remember she was a child some time ago

Baby Miley


A grown-up baby girl in her beginnings in Disney

Baby Teeth


Her famous character, Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana


Miley with her dad, Billy Ray, and her older brother, Trace

Cyrus Men


She was turning a teenager already!

Teen Choice


Miley’s first new look

Dark Hair


Those times when Miley sang country music with her father



Then she acquired a punk-rock style

Bad Girl


Miley with her idol. Taylor Swift



In the Red Carpet

Red Carpet


With a sexy style and extremely long hair



Already looking like a lady, this pic is from the Kids Choice Awards in 2011. Unbelievable!



When she started dating the gorgeous actor Liam Hemsworth

The Boyfriend


Miley and Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence


Just months before announcing their engagement

Almost Engaged


The perfect couple

Getting Ratchet


And this is when everything started. I’m talking about the hair.



The bad ass rock star!



Miley just before starting to show her midriff



Ankle strap heels and t-shirt. What a combo!



More skin than clothes…



Midriff and tongue are already out!



Yeah…this used to be a sweet, naive girl…

Robin Thicke



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