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You Will Be Able To Take A Vacation In Space in 2030 for $10,000

A veteran astronaut claims that within the next twenty years, space tourism will become a thing with companies such as SpaceX and Virgin Galactic with a ticket costing of around $10,000.

A man who took part in four missions on the Columbia and Discovery shuttles, Dr. Donalds Thomas, told the Times that by the year 2030, space tourism will no longer be only for the ultra-rich.



“I expect that in the next couple of years Virgin Galactic will begin their sub-orbital space excursions, allowing tourists the chance to see the Earth from 85 miles up, viewing the curvature of the Earth and the total blackness of the ski in space,” Dr. Thomas states.

In order to get a trip as a tourist to the International Space Station with Russia’s space agency, Roscosmos, it currently costs around a whopping $65 million.

Dr. Thomas adds that already with Virgin Galactic’s launch, the price to go to space decreases about $250,000, but the downside is that these flights are only suborbital and don’t go as far or high as the space station. He does believe though, that the company SpaceX will begin to take paying customers to the station within a few years for the significantly low price of $10,000 – $15,000.



Even though those prices seem a bit outrageous for the average working citizen, the possibility to even go to space will be more accessible than it was just a decade ago.

“Space travel will be more in line with an exotic trip to Antarctica.” he states.


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