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This Beautiful Chandelier Looks Expensive But In Fact It’s Absolutely Cheap And You Can Do It With Your Own Hands!

Kristian DuPont took DIY decor to the next level. He created a beautiful and unique chandelier using clear coffe stirs and staples. It looks absolutely professionally made and expensive! It is unbelievable that he made it using something that people throw away every single day.


It totally looks like a classic glass chandelier.

From far away, it looks like a typical glass chandelier.


But if you take a second look, you can easily note that it’s made of coffee stirrers.

Up close, you can see the details of the coffee stirrers.


Kristian stapled the stirrers together by poking holes in their ends.

Kristian poked holes in the ends of each one and stapled them together.


Then he drilled holes in a metal bar and added staples.

He then drilled holes in a metal bar and added staples for hanging.


1,083 stirrers were used for this project.

Kristian used 1,083 stirrers for this project (that's a <b>lot</b> of coffee).


This is the classy and elegant result.

It's easy for DIY projects to go awry, but this fixture is elegant and classy.



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