She Was Pregnant And Fell Into A Coma. What Happened Then Is A Miracle

Zhang Rongxiang suffered a devastating car crash while she was pregnant and fell into a coma. When doctors told her husband she would never recover, they realized she was pregnant. The child had survided the accident.

During the following 5 months, her husband took care of her and their child until a caesarean section was performed to give birth to the baby boy. From his birth, the boy spent every single day by his mother’s bed. When Zhang Rongxiang awoke from the coma, she could meet her little boy.

As she was able to swallow but not to chew her food, the child, Gao Qianbo, chews the food for her and then carefully passes the food to her mother’s mouth.


Gao Qianbo’s devotion and love for her mother is inspiring


He chews her food


And then passes it to her mother


This boy will absolutely grow into an amazing man!



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