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She Tried To Sleep With Her Baby. What The Little Kid Does Is Hilarious!

A sleeping baby is one of the cutest things in the world, but this one baby is not the best example. This tired mom tries to get some sleep with her baby, but she’s not sleepy at all. She investigates her mom’s face and moves constantly. The end of the video gives it a hilarious touch. Don’t miss it!


 Esther Anderson trying to get some sleep

Even if you're tired and fall asleep, there's no guarantee the baby will.


But her baby thinks it’s playtime

And if they're not's PLAYTIME!


A little kiss…

"Wake up, MOM!"


“I love your hair!”

"I want long hair like you. Can I borrow some?"


“Play with me!”

"I'm bored. Wake up, mom."


“Hey, smell my diaper! It needs changing!”

"Seriously, can't you smell my diaper? It needs changing."


“You have something…”

"Hmm, what's up here?"





Now watch the video


I loved the end! LOL






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