Puppy Travels 18 Miles After Falling Off Boat To Reunite With Its Owners

Puppy falls off boat, swims six miles and walks 12 miles, to be reunited with owners

(Picture: Kristin Casas)

A 10-month-old puppy swam for six miles and then walked for over 12 miles to be reunited with her family after falling overboard.

Rylee, a ten-month-old Belgian Malinois, fell off the boat in the middle of Lake Michigan, while her owners Edward and Kristin Casas were trying to fix a mechanical fault in the engine room.

‘Our hearts just sank,’ Ed said of the moment they realised Rylee had disappeared. Rylee, however, didn’t. She started swimming.

As soon as Ed and Kristin realized the pup had gone missing on Sunday, they made a ‘mayday dog overboard’ call over the radio to get the word out.


(Picture: Kristin Casas)

They were forced to call their 19-year-old son, Rylee’s owner Colin, who is off at university, to let him know the dog was missing.

But, the following morning, Lynn Fiedor, a member of a local search team, got a really promising phone call. ‘A lady said she had seen the dog going into the Platte River Campground,’ Lynn said. ‘It was amazing. She literally swam over six miles and walked over 12 miles more through the woods.’

Ed and Kristin drove to the campsite and took along some of Rylee’s favorite toys to help find her. After Ed squeaked one of her toys, the dog emerged, sparking an emotional reunion.


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