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Make Your Old Clothes Look Great With These 17 Hacks

5- Rinse your clothes with vinegar before washing them to set the bright colours.


6- To keep your jeans from gapping add a piece of elastic to the back of them.


7- Use your broken jewellery to make an adorable beanie.


8- Use printed fabrics to reapir the toes of your Toms.


9- Get rid of ink stains using hair spray or hand sanitizer.


10- The best way to get rid of wrinkles.


11- Use these hacks to put the draestring back in your hoodie.


12- Paint scuffed up leather boots with modge podge.


13- Keep collars crisp with iron on patches.


14- Use an old sweater to make slippers.


15- Mix vodka and water to get rid of odors on your clothes.


16- Bring your shrunken shirt back to size soaking it in warm water and hair conditioner.


17- Get grease stains out with chalk.










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