Local Cashier Breaks Down In Tears After Shattering $400 Worth Of Items

18 year old William Smith broke into tears after experiencing a surprising accident at his job last night.

He had only had this job for 2 weeks before William was given the task to take a couple flat screen television sets downstairs after he had accidentally brought and unpackaged them on second floor instead of the first.

After making a few other mistakes during his night shift, he was determined to make up for the lost time, and decided to carry 3 of the sets down the stairs in one go.


Supervisor Brandon Wells comforting young William as he wept.

He had unfortunately lost his balance and had sent all 3 sets flying to the bottom of the 100 ft. staircase.

As he saw them lying there broken and shattered with a $400 worth, sources say he immediately started to bawl.


A spokesman for the company states, “It’s unfortunate, but mistakes like these are bound to happen. Especially in such stores containing copious amounts of expensive technology, but we’re prepared for rare cases like these.”

It is unknown whether William has either been terminated or allowed to keep his new job, but supervisor Brandon Wells has added that this surely won’t be happening again.

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