I’m going to show you how I make £100 per day easily, risk free and with no big investment needed from home

Image 2015-06-03 at 8.37.00 AMDid you know that 40% of all millionaires became rich on the web? To be honest with you, I’m not (yet) a millionaire, but I’m making good money working online. With my online earnings I can afford a lot of things that my former salary didn’t allow me to; for example my New York trip last year and my new Ultra-HD TV.

My name is Matt L., I’m 28 years old and living in the beautiful city of London. Since 2010 I’ve been earning £5,000 on average per month working online. How? That’s what I’m going to explain you on my website here.

First of all: you probably won’t become a millionaire by using my method, but personally I’m earning much more money than I was able to do in my previous job at the local bar. Plus, I can work wherever I want, how long I want.

In case you’re looking to make millions online, this probably isn’t the right thing for you. If you’re looking for some serious extra cash and want to fulfil some of your dreams, then this is exactly the right thing!

I bet you’re asking yourself why I’m telling you about this method? Simple: it makes no difference to me if others are making money with my method. It doesn’t effect my income, and I know the feeling of being consistently broke. It’s just nice to do something good and help others fulfil their dreams same as I was able to do.

How I’m making money online and why you can do it too:

I discovered one thing a couple of years back, which was super easy to do, absolutely safe and most important – didn’t require a big budget to start with. There’s not much talk about this method on the web, for a reason. People using this method are probably too busy making money online and don’t want to share their stream of income with others. You don’t need any qualification and everybody can use this method to make money. It’s incredibly easy.

When I tried the method for the very first time, I made around £40 in the first hour. By using this method for just 1-2 hours a day, I was able to make over £2,500 over the course of a month. I decided to stick with this method and since then I’m making at least £5,000 per month – with no stress and no risk involved.

What you’re going to do with the cash you made is obviously up to you. All I can say for my part is that it was a great feeling paying my parents back after the first 2 months and fulfilling my girlfriends dream – a trip to New York!

Image 2015-06-03 at 8.32.27 AM

The ‘Tool’ I discovered is incredibly easy. It might sound strange at the beginning, but you’ll soon realise it’s true and works. This method is used in a specific online casino. It’s important to know that I’m not actually gambling. I’m taking advantage of an error in the casino software…

This error exists for a specific reason: Online casinos are having a hard time acquiring new customers. To acquire new customers, they’re ready to take risks. That’s how the error developed. The error has to do with the minimal and maximal stakes of the online casino, which are far lower or in the case of the maximal limit, far higher than in a real casino. Because of this little error, it’s possible to consistently earn money by using this method.

IMPORTANT: To make this method work, you have to strictly follow my instructions.You must not start with more than £1 stake, otherwise the method will just not work. You might be able to make more money short term but you’ll pretty soon realise that you’d be actually gambling – and that’s not what your intention should be with this method. Follow my instruction strictly.

1) You have to open an account at the King Jackpot Casino. King Jackpot is one of the most famous online casinos and they have been around for over 15 years now. As this casino is traded on the London stock exchange for over 2.5 billion GBP, it’s the only casino you can be confident in that everything’s legit and 100% secure. Just click here to visit their website. All you need to do here is to click on Sign Up and create your account for free.

2) After registering your account, make a first deposit with the payment option of your choice. I’d recommend you deposit at least £25 to have the maths in your favour. To do so, you just need to click on ‘Deposit’ at the top right. As soon as you’ve made your deposit, you’re ready to start making money with my method. Since you get a 100% deposit bonus as a new customer (means i.e. you deposit £25 but get £50 credited), you’re able to test my method completely free of charge and without risk.

3) After making the deposit, click on ‘European Roulette’ and follow my instructions below:

That’s how my system works:

After having clicked on ‘European Roulette’, just utilise the following system. It’s crucial to really follow the £1 rule and never start with more or the system will not work. Don’t get greedy, a lot of small wins can add up really quickly!

Now we’re finally starting to make money. The method is as simple as it gets, as you just have to bet on Red or Black. To have the best chances mathematically, you must stick to one colour and do not switch colours.

1) Bet £1 on a colour, I’m using Red in this example and click ‘Spin’.

2) Now there are two possible outcomes:
– It’s Red. You just won £1 – simply repeat these steps.
– It’s Black. You didn’t win. Now you have to double your stake and hit ‘Spin’ again. As soon as red comes, you’ve won.

Summary: Always bet £1 on a colour, if you win, stick with £1 In case you lose, double your stake until your colour comes. As soon as your colour comes, you’ve won £1.


It’s impossible to lose mathematically!

Some additional tips and tricks:

  • NEVER start with more than £1 – it just doesn’t work. If you don’t believe me, simply try it out but I guarantee you it will fail. Mathematically speeking the double up simply isn’t doable when starting out with more than £1, even if you decided to deposit £250 or more.
  • I’d recommend you stop betting after you make £200 in one day. If you’re looking to make more money, just take another casino such as the 21Nova(That’s one casino I personally use as well). You should not win too much each day to stay under the radar.

Questions or Problems? Contact me!

In case you experience any problems or have any questions, just email me at and I’ll do my best to help you and get you started 🙂

Ok, that’s it. Now start making some money, nobody knows how long this method will last!

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