Cheating Sucks: Here’s How People Got Payback..

How Would You Get Revenge?

If you catch the “Love Of Your Life” cheating on you, how would you get revenge? 2015 Partner Relations Studies show that 48% of people cheat on their spouse. Of that unfaithful 48%.. ONLY 7% actually get caught.

How Can I Tell If I’m Being Cheated On?

There is only one way to be certain that you’re being cheated on. Get a hold of your spouse’s phone and see for yourself. But will a cheater willingly give up their secret ? I don’t think so. The way I caught my husband cheating red handed was using a Reverse Phone Lookup. He was sleeping with 2 of my close friends and I instantly recognized their numbers.

1. Public Humiliation & Drain The Bank Account



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2. Let The Whole Neighborhood Know


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