Cab Driver Tricked By Man Who Claimed Celebrity Wanted A Lift

47 year old Ian Dolwin answered a call to his company (Airport Car Services) on Friday asking for him to pick up two of the actors from the Eastenders, Barbara Windsor and Samantha Womack, as soon as possible.

The caller went by the name ‘David’ and had asked him to first pick up a package in Coventry and then go to pick up the two in Milton Keynes.

Dolwin says it wasn’t very strange, as his company specializes in longer travels like this one.

When he got to the BBC officers to pick up the package, the man he met asked him to pay $1022 (£720) which he claimed would be reimbursed and with a $70 (£50) tip.

Taxi driver conned by man who claimed Barbara Windsor wanted a lift

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Dolwin decided to just pay the money and carried on to Milton Keynes.

He then called the mysterious “David” as planned, but was told that the celebrities would not be ready for another 30 minutes, so he waited outside of the hotel, he told the Courier.

“I was then told my ‘customers’ had “got into the wrong taxi” and was asked to meet ‘that taxi’ at a service station on the M25, but no one was there to be met.” Dolwin added.

It was then that he had realized that he had been tricked and that the celebrities weren’t the ones who had booked a taxi at all. Mr. Dolwin has come forward to warn other drivers so this won’t possibly happen to them.


“I have never had anything like this before. We (taxi drivers) are nice to customers and want to do what we are told.”

Kent Police state: “The victim in this case has been advised to report the incident to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.”


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