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A Living Room Inside A Computer Tower. Unbelievable!

This Russian casemodder used a computer tower to create a cosy living room inside it. Although it’s not something useful, it’s pretty cool. It’s crazy how creative people manage to come up with these ideas!


This is how a common computer tower looks like. If you want yours to have an extra touch, go ahead and modify the case!


This casemodder posted pictures online of the creative modification he made. He built a miniature living room inside it!

A casemodder posted pictures online of an awesome modification done on the inside of a computer tower. The modder built a miniature living room among the wires and hardware.


It really looks like a comfortable living room! There’s a table, a lamp, a sofa..

It's complete with all your necessities: a table, lamp, chair, and sofa. There's even a little rug.


The details are amazing. I love the portrait and the flowers!

Once you get closer, you can see the detail the modder put into this project. I think my favorite details are the newspaper and the framed picture on the table.


This doesn’t have any particular function, it’s just pure fun and creativity.

This is not meant to have any kind of function. That's a part of what makes these projects so great; they're just pure fun and creativity.

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