15 Weirdest Sexual Laws In The United States. I Can’t Believe Number 8!

Despite your background knowledge of laws in the USA, there are many things that you can and can’t do. You’re probably not aware of these bizarre and meaningless laws. Take a look:


1. Indiana

In Indiana it is illegal for men to be sexually aroused in public. You may wait until you get home…


2. Illinois


In Illinois, if you sell a reptile you must give a written not with a warning “not to kiss or nuzzle” them. Weird enough…


3. Nebraska

In Nebraska, it is illegal to get married if you have gonorrhea. You better get that treated before proposing…


4. California

In Walnut, CA, a man needs to have the sheriff’s permission if he wants to dress like a woman.


5. Washington

In Washingtone your car can be confiscated if you give a sex worker a ride to work.


6. Kentucky


In Kentucky it is illegar for dogs to “molest property or people”.


7. Tennessee

Students are forbidden to hold hands in school.


8. Alabama


Incestuous marriages in Alabama are legal.


9. Arkansas

“Lascivious banter” and flirtation between men and women on the streets may result in 30 days of jail.


10. New York

In New York, adultery is illegal.


11. Michigan

In Flint, MI, low-riding pants exposing underwear are a Class B offense. If they show butt cleavage, they are a Class A offense.


12. Georgia

All sex toys are illegal in Georgia.


13. Alaska

Moose are not allowed to have sex in the city streets. If you see them doing it, you must arrest them.


14. South California

In South California, if a man promisses to marry a woman and they have sex, the marriage must take place.


15. Iowa

Kisses in public are not allowed to last more than 5 minutes in Iowa.

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