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15 Useful Things You Can Do With Silica Gel Packets

There are surprisingly many things you can do with those tiny silica gel packets that come with your new pair of shoes or bag. Before getting rid of them, you should know there are several ways in which you can use them.

1. They keep your gym bag from smelling bad

Some silica packets in your bag will avoid bacteria from growing in it.


2. They keep seeds free from moisture


3. They prevent toold from oxidizing

Put a few packs in the toolbox to prevent them from oxidizing.


4. They keep linen closets dry


5. They help your razors last longer

Put your dry razor in a sealed tupperwear container filled with silica gel and it will last longer.


6. It helps in drying flowers faster


7. They will save your wet cell phone


8. They help preserve Christmas ornaments


9. It keeps your camera dry


10. They help in getting rid of old book smell

Place your book in a bag with several silica gel packs and the smell will go away.


11. They clear up the foggy windshield

Silica gel on top of your dashboard will keep the fog away.

12. They keep your dog food dry

Tape a silica gel pack under the lid of the container to keep it dry.

13. They keep your photos safe

Put a pair of silical gel packets where you store your photos to keep them safe


14. It avoids you camera lens from condensating

Put your foggy lens and memory card in a bag with silica gel packets to dry them.


15. They keep your travel makeup bag dry

A few pieces of silica gel in a ziplock bag will keep your makeup and cosmeticsĀ dry.







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