10 Haunted Houses For Sale. Would You Buy Any Of Them?

You’ve probably visited a haunted house on a Halloween night with your friends, but would you live in one? Take a look at these 10 creepy haunted houses.

1. Hinsdale House

When photos are taken, shadows of people appear in the pics. You can buy it for $289,000


2. Ma Barker’s House

Ma Barker was a famous gangster who owned this house in which Al Capone used to hide. It is also the place where the longest FBI shooting took place. $1 million


3. Amityville Horror House

11 movies were inspired by the murder that occured in this house in 1974. You can have it for $950,000


4. Sowden House

George Hill Hodel was the owner of this house and is the principal suspect for the murder of the Black Dahlia. His son wrote a book claiming that his father was the killer.


5. LA Alien House

This LA house is said to be a site of alien space craft landings and it was also the home of satanists and drug addicts. $15 million


6. Borden House

This is the house where Lizzie Borden tried to kill her father and step-mother with an axe and it is for sale for $650,000


7. Hampton Lillibridge House

Ghosts have been seen and heard in this house in Savannah, Georgia. It’s available for $2 million


8. Psycho House

This is the place where the murder of Janet Leigh was portrayed in the movie Psycho. Available for less than $3 million


9. Kreischer Mansion

This mansion is said to be haunted by Lady Kreischer, whose husband committed suicide in the house.


10. Schweppe Estate

Although this mansion is for sale for over $12 million, the owner of it, Charles Schweppe, commited suicide in it.




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